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Araldo A. Cossutta Annual Prize for Design Excellence

The Araldo A. Cossutta Prize will be endowed in perpetuity to support a qualified and promising student in the area of architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The full tuition fellowship shall be awarded annually to a student of merit who has successfully completed the core program for the professional degree of Master in Architecture and whose design work consistently shows outstanding promise.

Nature of Award
One year's tuition and fees, certificate

Number Available

Open to MArch I and MArch I AP students who have just finished core.

The core studio coordinators will nominate candidates who will then be contacted to submit a portfolio for review by the faculty of the Department of Architecture. The selection of the fellowship recipient will be made under the direction of the chairman of the Department of Architecture.

Please submit portfolios digitally.

Basis of Award
Design excellence

Eligible students will be notified as soon as possible after studio grades are received. 

When Awarded

Department of Architecture (Room 207)

Previous Winners

2015: Justin Gallagher
2014: Iman Fayyad
2013: Joanie Tom
2012: Max Wong
2011: Brendan Kellogg
2010: Jeffrey Laboskey
2009: Jon Sargent
2008: Yoshiki Waterhouse
2007: Mathieu Lemieux-Blanchard
2006: Anya Sirota
2005: Julie Kaufman
2004: Richard Lam
2003: Andre Abrantes
2002: Chung Ping Lee
2001: Angus Eade 
2000: Yu-Lin Chen 
1999: Lucia Allais 
1998: Jeannie Kim 
1997: Gullivar Shepard 
1996: Elizabeth Whitaker 
1995: Shawn Emory

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