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Kevin V. Kieran Prize

Awarded By
Architecture Department

This Kevin V. Kieran Prize was established in 2001 with gifts from family and friends, in memory of Kevin Kieran, former faculty member and graduate of the Master in Architecture program in 1985.

The prize is awarded by the Department of Architecture in recognition of the highest level of academic achievement among students graduating from the postprofessional Master in Architecture (MArch II) program.

Nature of Award
Type of award:
Honors (medal, certificate, book, trophy, etc)

Full description of award:
Certificate, letter

Number Available

General restrictions:

  • Must be Harvard student
  • Must be GSD student
  • Specific degree/program (see below)

Full description of eligibility restrictions:
Graduating MArch II students

The selection of the award recipient will be made under the direction of the Chairman and vote by the Department of Architecture faculty.

Basis of Award
Highest academic achievement

When Awarded

Architecture Dept (Rm 207)

Previous Winners Include:

2015: Nelson Byun
2014: Michael Leef
2013: Mariano Gomez Luque
2012: Daria Khapalova
2011: Nathan Etherington
2010: Ignacio Gonzalez Galan
2009: Linnaea Stuart 
2008: Elie Gamburg
2007: Jeremy James DeCarteret Tate
2006: Kei Takeuchi
2005: Jason Kamlukin Frantzen
2004: Brandon Padron
2003: Andrew Simpson
2002: Mariano Molina Iniesta
2001: Billie Faircloth

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