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Course Waivers

Petitions for course waivers must be approved by the faculty member assigned to assess equivalency. Students must provide documentation of satisfactory course work completed in the area (e.g. transcript, syllabus, assignments, papers, exams). A course taken previously may be used to waive only one course at the GSD. Professional experience may not be counted toward a course waiver. Please note that a waived course must be replaced by the equivalent number of elective units. (For MArch I AP students, only courses waived beyond the MArch I first-year curriculum must be replaced by elective units.)

Course Waiver Forms are available through Gropius, and in the Office of Student Services, Room 422.

2013-2014: Course Waivers must be signed by the following faculty:

Visual Studies
2121: Ewa Harabasz

Projective Representation in Architecture
2122: Cameron Wu

Digital Media
2223: Chris Hoxie
2224: Andrew Witt

History and Theory
4121: Erika Naginski and Michael Hays

6121: Mark Mulligan and Danielle Etzler
6122: Kiel Moe
6123: Eric Howeler
6125: Holly Samuelson
6227: Patrick McCafferty
6229: Martin Bechthold
6230: Mark Mulligan

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