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MArch I and MArch I AP students are required to fulfill the following distributional electives:

8 units of advanced history electives
4 units of non-Western architecture electives
4 units of professional practice electives

Please note that some courses may count toward the satisfaction of two requirements. For example, an advanced history course may also fulfill a non-Western requirement.

Example: 4329 Urbanization in the East Asian Region is listed as fulfilling both the advanced history and non-Western requirement

In the case that a course counts toward the fulfillment of two requirements, the course will only be counted once in total units to degree.

Click an area below to open a PDF listing of courses that meet the distributional requirement for the current academic year:

Advanced History Course Listing

Non-Western Architecture Course Listing

Professional Practice Course Listing

If you wish to have any course, especially a non-GSD course considered, please send a brief statement, along with the course description and syllabus if available, to Ryan Jacob.

Archived Listings:

Advanced History

Non-Western Architecture

Professional Practice

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