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Harvard offers three options within the Master in Landscape Architecture programs. The MLA I is intended for individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree with a major other than one of the design professions. The MLA I AP grants advanced standing to individuals who hold an accredited professional degree in architecture, or a pre-professional undergraduate degree in landscape architecture or architecture, and a strong design portfolio. The MLA II is a post-professional program for those who hold an undergraduate professional landscape architecture degree or its equivalent. The MLA I and MLA I AP are accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB).

For more information about the three program options, including prerequisites and courses of study, see:

MLA I     |     MLA I AP     |     MLA II

Harvard also offers dual degrees, allowing students to complete degrees in two programs at the GSD in a shorter time frame. Popular concurrent degree options for MLA students include dual degrees with:

MArch    |    M(L)AUD    |    MUP    |    MDes ULE

Note that the dual degree plans of study posted here are indicative only. Changes in the curriculum, and the individual situations of students (including those students with advanced placement status in one or both programs), may lead to differences in course requirements and sequencing. Each dual degree student will develop an individual official course of study with the program directors for both programs.

For students entering the three-year MLA I program, a minimum of six terms of full-time study in residence is required. Individuals admitted with advanced standing to the MLA I AP normally begin with the third term of the program and must complete a minimum of four terms of full-time study in residence. Students entering the two-year MLA II program must also complete a minimum of four terms of full-time study in residence. Under special circumstances, students may receive permission to reduce their course load and extend their studies over a longer period of time.

General Information about Admissions and the Program

Prospective graduate students interested in the landscape architecture masters degree should look at the GSD admissions site, which includes instructions for applicants. To find specific deadlines for the MLA scroll down the main admissions page. Links to information about the MLA program in general are available elsewhere on this site.

Visiting the School

The Admissions Office pages offer advice about  visiting the school and their FAQ is also very helpful. The Admissions Office is well equipped to answer questions and coordinate meetings with faculty and current students. They have regular information sessions several times a week during the academic year and once per week during the summer with online sign up. If sessions are not listed yet please contact the admissions office. Information sessions involve an overview of the school, a meeting with a current student, and a meeting with one or two faculty members (by request).

The school also hosts open houses in the fall (for prospective applicants) and the spring (for admitted students).

The Review Process

Files are reviewed by a committee of faculty members. Students are also on the admissions committee to provide input.


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