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2015 Bruner Loeb Forum
Bruner-Loeb Forum

Since 2002 the Loeb Fellowship has partnered
 with the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence 
to produce the Bruner Loeb Forum. The goal of the Forum is to advance thinking on a wide variety of challenges facing cities, and to make the experience and imagination inherent in Rudy Bruner Award winners and in the work of Loeb Fellows available to practitioners and policymakers across the country. Each event is produced with local partners, who insure the integrity and relevance of the forum’s structure and agenda.

The question of Urban Equity–who needs it, what does it look like, how do we achieve it, what role can design play?–was the focus of the 2014 Bruner Loeb Forum, which took place in Boston in November. The event was co-produced with Enterprise Community Partners, collaborating with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation and Fairmount Indigo Line CDC Collaborative.  Read posts about the Bruner Loeb Forum in the LOEBlog.

Loeb Fall Study Tour

Each year since 1998 the Fellowship together with a committee of Loeb Fellows from the destination has organized an alumni field trip to a great American city or place. These trips afford a “Loeb’s eye view” of a city. The group is hosted by the local Loeb Fellows, who organize an intensive program of meetings and conversations with city officials, planners, local professionals, artists, cultural leaders and others. Over 600 Fellows have attended these trips and benefited from the insights of the local Loeb Fellows into their places, as well as the innovative projects they and their colleagues have initiated. The 2014 Tour to New Orleans was the largest yet. Read reflections by some of the participants in the LOEBlog.

Senior Loeb Scholars

Work by Michael Craig-Martin

A recent initiative of Dean Mohsen Mostafavi, the Senior Loeb Scholars program invites prominent scholars and practitioners whose expertise is outside the normal disciplines of the school or whose practice displays a unique focus, for a short-term residency at the GSD. The central event is a major lecture, however the Scholars also connect with students across disciplines through more intimate and informal seminars and conversations. In addition they spend time with the current class of Loeb Fellows.  The 2015 Scholar was artist Michael Craig-Martin. See all the Senior Loeb Scholars.

Spring Study Tour

For over 15 years the current class of Fellows has embarked on an international study tour to discover insights from practitioners and projects abroad.   The earliest travel was to cities where a Loeb Fellow lived and could host the group, assisting with connections to local officials, university departments and local practitioners.  In 2011, when Rahul Mehrotra became chair of urban planning and design, he encouraged the Fellowship to become imbedded in the culture of an option studio, to travel with the students to the site, engage with and mentor students and participate in midterm and final reviews.  Since then Loeb classes have joined two studios to Mumbai and three studios to Mexico for a rich experience for both students and Fellows. In 2015 the Loeb class traveled with Rahul Mehrotra (professor and chair of urban design and planning) and his studio to Agra, India. Critical Conservation students accompanying the trip wrote a series for the LOEBlog.

Annual Loeb Lecture

For the past 10 years a Loeb alum or a close collaborator of the Fellowship has delivered the Annual Loeb Lecture on the Friday before the Annual Meeting in May. Past lecturers have included Barbara Hoidn (LF ’00), Toni Griffin (LF ’98), Carter Wiseman (LF ’85), Rahul Mehrotra (professor and chair of the department of urban planning and design), Reese Fayde (LF ’79), Jim Stockard (LF '78) and Cathleen McGuigan (LF '93). In 2015 the lecture was given by Inga Saffron (LF '12).

Lincoln/Loeb Fellowship

From 1998 through 2015, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy identified one of the newly selected Loebs to engage at the Lincoln Institute as a Lincoln/Loeb Fellow. Each spring the Lincoln/Loeb Fellow deliverd a public lecture based on research he or she had completed during the Fellowship year and wrote an article for publication in Land Lines magazine. The 2014-15 Fellow was Scott Campbell. Past Fellows have included Helen Lochhead (LF '14), Lynn Richards (LF ’13), Peter Park (LF ’12), Tim Stonor (LF ’11), Gil Kelley (LF ’10), Heather Tremain (LF '09), Doug Meffert (LF '08), Tracy Metz (LF '07), Jody Tableporter (LF '06), Mario Navarro (LF '05), Yan Huang (LF '04), Robert Stacey (LF '01) and Peter Pollock (LF '98).

Although the Lincoln Loeb Scholars program has ended, the collaboration with the Lincoln Institute continues.




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