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meet the Loebs week 2013-14

Each fall the Loebs introduce themselves to the GSD and Harvard communities with brief presentations about the who, what, where and why of their work and how they’ll be spending their Fellowship year.

City for the 21st Century

In very different parts of the world, Arana Hankin, Angelyn Chandler and Helen Lochhead have all worked in the public sector to realize their visions for the future of cities.

Arana Hankin 


Angelyn Chandler 


Helen Lochhead 


Community Power and Leadership

Matt Nohn, Alexie Torres-Fleming and Baye Adolfo-Wilson have found ways to channel their leadership to build empowerment in previously marginalized communities.

Matt Nohn


Alexie Torres-Fleming


Baye Adolfo-Wilson

Agitating Architecture

Eli Spevak, Florencia Rodriguez and Alexandra Lange - developer, publisher and critic - have in common an inclination to challenge the status quo and propose new architecture and design paradigms that can make cities more livable.

Alexandra Lange


Eli Spevak


Florencia Rodriguez

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