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Q:  I am not an architect. Am I eligible for the Loeb Fellowship?

A: That depends.  We have a broad definition of who is qualified to apply which includes people working to improve the built and natural environment.  We have had a theater director, public artists, journalists, a documentary filmmaker, etc.  If you are unsure about your eligibility feel free to contact the program.


Q:  I am applying to the GSD as a student. Is your Fellowship available to students?

A:  No, it is for practitioners who have a minimum of 5 to 10 years of working experience.


Q:  I am an academic and will have a sabbatical next year. Am I eligible to apply for the Fellowship?

A:  No, we are a program for practitioners.  The only exception is if at least 50% of your time is involved in practice.  If that is the case, you would be eligible.  If you are not sure feel free to contact the program.



Q. How do I apply?

A. See our guidelines and instructions.


Q: I am having a problem with the slideroom application.

A:  Consult the slideroom helpdesk to ask for assistance.  This should be the first place to seek help with any questions.  They are very responsive.


Q.  I am not able to upload my supplemental materials to slideroom.  I want to submit a book.  What should I do?

A:  If you are having issues first consult the slideroom helpdesk.  If you only have your book in hard copy mail it directly to the Loeb Fellowship at 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.  If you want the materials returned to you be sure to include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.


Q: Is there an application fee?

A: Yes, it is $35.00 and is paid at the end of the process when you are ready to submit the application.


Q: The system would not accept my payment?  What should I do?

A: Contact the Slideroom help desk, and they will provide instructions on an alternative method for payment.  


Q: Should I submit an academic transcript?

A: No we do not require an academic transcript.



Q.   Do you have suggestions about whom to ask for a recommendation?

A:   Ask people who have worked with you and who can speak substantively about you and your work.  Try to get a variety of perspectives on your work.


Q:  Should I get an academic reference?

A: No it is not necessary to get an academic reference; this is a Fellowship for practitioners.  The only exception would be if the academic reference is someone who has worked with you outside of academia in your practice.


Q:  I entered the names and contacts of my references into slideroom but they have not been contacted for a reference.

A:  The slideroom system should send a request to your recommender once you put them into the system.  Sometimes these messages go into a spambox.  Alert your recommender to look for a message from slideroom.  The request will not come from the Loeb Fellowship.  If this continues to be a problem consult the slideroom helpdesk.


Q. I am concerned that my recommenders will not get their letters in by the deadline what should I do?

A. You can enter their names into the slideroom system anytime.  You do not need to complete the entire application process for the letters to be sent to your recommenders.  Once the names and contact information is submitted to your recommender they will be contacted even if you have NOT completed the entire application.



Q:  I have a family and want to bring them with me.  Is that possible?

A:  Yes, many Fellows bring their families.  The most important thing is that everyone in the family is enthusiastic about the opportunity and is supportive of your applying.


Q:  How does the program work if you bring school aged children?

A: The Cambridge Public Schools are accustomed to having graduate students and scholars with children.  The schools have a lottery system for school selection.  You should consult the Cambridge Public Schools website for additional information.



Q:  When does the Fellowship year begin?

A:  We recommend that Fellows arrive in mid-August at least a week before classes start.  We have an orientation period of about 3 to 4 days prior to the start of classes, and it is good to allow a little time to settle in.  The exact dates depend upon the academic calendar in a given year.


Q:  When does the program end?

A:  The program officially ends the day after commencement.  However some people, especially families with children in the schools stay through the end of the school year, which is typically the second or third week in June.  You must leave your housing by June 30th at the latest.

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