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2013 Bruner Loeb Forum Detroit


We encourage applications from a wide range of practitioners whose work focusses on improving the built and natural environment:

architects, landscape architects, urban planners, urban designers, public artists, journalists, policymakers and community development leaders.

In short, people of exceptional skill who design, plan, preserve and critique the places where we live, work and play should apply.

The program is for people in mid-career, with a minimum of 5-10 years of experience in the field. We seek professionals who have leadership ability and who show the potential to take their capacities to much higher levels. The opportunities presented by the Fellowship work best for those experienced enough to ask the hard questions, but with plenty of time left to make an impact. A typical Loeb class averages about 42 years of age.

The Fellowship is for practitioners. It is not an academic sabbatical program or an artist residency; there are many other programs for those purposes. The Loeb is unique in providing support for renewal and reflection in an active career. Fellows take stock of what they have learned, expand skills in the midst of a great university and chart the next phase of their careers to become more effective agents of change.

We value a creative and motivated work history above more traditional credentials. A completed degree in higher education is not a requirement. Professionals with atypical backgrounds or unusual career paths who have demonstrated the capacity to make a difference in their fields are encouraged to apply.

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