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art DESIGN and the public domain Courses

Required Courses

First Term
4 Units 2482 Art, Design and the Public Domain Proseminar
4 units 2484 Interdisciplinary Art Practices
8 units electives

Second Term
4 Units 9662 Art, Design and the Public Domain Pre-Final Project Workshop
12 Units: electives

Third Term
8 Units 9305 MDes Final Project
8 Units electives

Typical Electives

2121/2122  Visual Studies and Projective Representation in Architecture
2314  Responsive Environments
2446  Drawing for Designers
2448  Landscape as Painting
2481  Projection/ Installation/ Intervention
3372  The subject and the city
4365  Interiors, Environments, Atmospheres
4474  Critical Memory and the Experience of History
6469  Real Time Cities
6472  Visualization
6478  Informal Robotics, New Architecture

Courses of interest outside the GSD
Anthro 2635  Image/Media/Publics: Seminar
CL 146  Space and Place in Postmodern Culture
HAA 272z  Post WWII European Art (Part II)
HAA 275w  The Thing
VES 185x  Visual Fabrics: Art, Media, Materiality Seminar

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