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Art Design and the Public Domain

Required Courses

First Term
4 units     VIS-02482 Art, Design and the Public Domain Proseminar
4 units     VIS-02484 Interdisciplinary Art Practices
8 units     electives

Second Term
4 units     ADV-09662 Art, Design and the Public Domain Pre-Final Project Workshop
12 units   electives

Third Term
8 units     ADV-09305 MDes Final Project
8 units     electives

Suggested Electives

VIS-02450 Meteorological Reveries: On Atmosphere, Sensation and the Design of Public Space
VIS-02481 Public Projection: Projection as a Tool for Expression and Communication in Public Space
DES-03348 The Idea of Environment
DES-03495 States of Design: The Present and Future of the Field in Twelve Parts 
HIS-04115 History and Theory of Urban Interventions
HIS-04405 Staging the City: Urban Form and Public Life in Istanbul
SES-05326 Housing and Urbanization in the United States
SES-05340 Community Action Planning: Principles and Practices
SES-05346 Design, Development, and Democracy in the Future City
SES-05361 Deciding Interventions in Urban Development: A Practical Guide to Strategic Design
SCI-06338 Introduction to Computational Design
SCI-06478 Informal Robotics / New Paradigms for Design & Construction

VIS-02449 Immersive Landscape: Representation through Gaming Technology
VIS-02483 Projection-Animation
DES-03349 Field Studies in Conservation Design
HIS-04132: Film Theory, Visual Thinking
HIS-04356 Screens: Media Archaeology and the Visual Arts Seminar
HIS-04364 Interiors, Environments, Atmosphere
HIS-04479 Power & Place: Culture and Conflict in the Built Environment
HIS-05290 The Space of Conflict
SES-05507 Urban Inequality after Civil Rights (at FAS)
SCI-06432 Quantitative Aesthetics: Re-sensing / Augmenting reality
ADV-09133 Urban Theory Lab, Project-Based Seminar: Extreme Territories of Urbanization
ADV-09140 REAL: Genome of the Built Environment: Measuring the Unseen




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