All Academic Programs

Associated Faculty and Programs

Giuliana Bruno, Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies (FAS)  
Benjamin Buchloh, (Art History) 
David Edwards (Biomedical Engineering; Le Laboratoire, Paris) 
Sanford Kwinter, Professor of Architectural Theory and Criticism (GSD)
Carrie Lambert-Beatty, (Art History; VES)
Yanni Loukissas, Lecturer in Architecture
Jeffrey Schnapp, Affiliated Professor to the Department of Architecture and Professor of Romance Languages & Literature (FAS)
Sam Auinger, Associate
Ronald Jones, Associate
Jill Magid, Associate
Gregory Sholette, Associate
Henry Urbach, Associate

Institute for Spatial Experiments, Berlin 
Ecole des Sciences Politiques, Arts Politiques, Paris
The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Chicago (curatorial/public programs fellowship)

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