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Learning from District Six: Drawing on Cape Town
Ashley Mendelsohn (MDes '14)
District Six is an infamous example of the forced-removals of the South African apartheid regime. A year of research, both on and off site, culminated in a book that catalogs and unpacks elements from the urban fabric that can contribute to future development and understanding of the broader city. View Project

Slope: Intercept by Sara HendrenSlope: Intercept
Sara Hendren (MDes '13)
Slope:Intercept is a material and digital project, a deep genealogy of the inclined plane or ramp, one of Galileo’s “simple machines.” View Project

SPATIO-PHENOMENAL INTERVENTIONSpatio-Phenomenal Intervention: Sculpting the Ephemeral
Melissa Kit Chow (MDesS '12) and Helena Slosar (MDesS '12)
This thesis explores the concept of spatio-phenomenal interventionwork that is known to us through the senses rather than through thought or intuition, occurring and intervening in existing spaces or built into existing architecture. View Project

The Event Landscape: Experience, Attendance, Alter-Institutionality
Gavin Kroeber (MDesS '12)
This thesis presents an archive of an encounter, a methodological experiment, a creative research project that from September 2010 until April 2012 sought to formulate concepts that might productively trouble disciplinary distinctions and render legible certain relationships between creative work and its wider contexts, undertaken in the spirit of what the art critic and activist Brian Holmes calls “extradisciplinary investigation.” View Project

The Inconspicuous Life of Walls
Jutta Friedrichs (MDesS '12)
The Inconspicuous Life of Walls amplifies the natural and sublime living memory of Berlin's walls pierced by bullets during WWII. The installation provides an alternative experience of history by addressing multiple senses through soundscapes and vibrations. View Project

Download a selection of five projects by the 2012 graduating class in Art, Design and the Public Domain.



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