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Critical Conservation

Required Courses

First Term
4 units     DES-03333 Culture, Conservation & Design
12 units   electives

Second Term
4 units     HIS-04475 Discourses and Methods: Conversation, Destruction and Curating Impermanence*
4 units     HIS-04479 Power & Place: Culture and Conflict in the Built Environment*
12 units   electives

Third Term
8 units     ADV-09305 MDes Final Project
 8 units     electives

*Students may choose between HIS-04475 and HIS-04479.

Suggested Electives

History & Theory

4 units   DES-03241 Theories of Landscape as Urbanism, Landscape as Infrastructure: Paradigms, Practices, Prospects
4 units   DES-03336 Design Anthropology: Objects, Landscapes, Cities
4 units   HIS-04105 Studies of the Built North American Environment: 1580 to the Present
4 units   HIS-04115 History and Theory of Urban Interventions
4 units   HIS-04329 Urbanization in the East Asian Region
4 units   HIS-04405 TBD
4 units   HIS-04446 History of Nature Conservation and Cultural Landscape Preservation

4 units   DES-03349 Field Studies in Conservation Design

Science & Technology
4 units   DES-03330 Conservation of Older Buildings: Techniques and Technics
4 units   SCI-06122 Energy in Architecture

Socioeconomic Studies
4 units   SES-05204 Real Estate Finance and Development
4 units   SES-05210 Cities by Design
4 units   SES-05213 Policy Making in Urban Settings
4 units   SES-05502 Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning in the Developing World

Faculty of Arts & Sciences
ANTHRO 2670: Nationalism and Cultural Intimacy
ANTHRO 2640: Crypto-Colonialism


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