All Academic Programs

Required Courses

First Term
4 Units 3333 Culture, Conservation and Design
12 Units Electives

Second Term
4 Units 3332 Understanding the Urban Cultural Ecology of Progressive Places
4 Units 4475 Case Studies in Critical Conservation: Architecture and Cities
8 Units Electives

 Third Term
8 Units 9305 MDes Final Project
8 Units Electives

Typical Electives

3241  Theories of Landscape as Urbanism, Landscape as Infrastructure: Paradigms, Practices, Prospects
4115  History and Theory of Urban Interventions
4329  Urbanization in the East Asian Region
5206  Land Use and Environmental Law
5210  Cities by Design I
5319  Urbanization and International Development
5330  Healthy Places
5432  International Humanitarian Response
5469  Environmental Plannig and Sustainable Development

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