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Energy and Environments

Required Courses

First Term
2 units     SCI-06121 Construction Lab (module 1)
2 units     SCI-06122 Energy in Architecture (module 2)
4 units     SCI-06452 Building Simulation
8 units     electives

Second Term (for Spring 2016 only)
4 units     SCI-06347 The Thermal Allometry of Massive Buildings, Breathing Buildings, and Breathing Walls*
4 units     SCI-06475 Life-Cycle Design*
4 units     SES-5370 Environment, Economics, and Enterprise*
12 units   electives

Third Term
8 units     ADV-09305 MDes Final Project
8 units     electives

* Students may take 6347, 6475, or 5370 to meet their methods requirement. 

Suggested Electives

ADV-09135 Vegetal City: Projecting Urban Canopy Spring 2016

ADV-09139 Cyborg Coasts: Responsive Hydrologies Spring 2016

VIS-02450: Meteorological Reveries: On Atmosphere, Sensation and the Design of Public Space

DES-03348: The Idea of Environment

DES-03452 Philosophy of Technology Spring 2016

HIS-04364 Interiors, Environments, Atmosphere Spring 2016

SCI-06125 Environmental Systems in Architecture Spring 2016

SCI-06242 Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies IV Spring 2016

SCI-06271: The Innovative Practice: Finding, Building and Leading Good Ideas with Others (at SEAS)

SCI-06277 Survey of Energy Technology (at SEAS) Spring 2016

SCI-06318 Urban and Town Ecology Spring 2016

SCI-06327 Material Ecologies Workshop Spring 2016

SCI-06333 Water, Aquatic Ecology, and Land-Water Linkages Spring 2016

SCI-06430 Forms of Energy: Nonmodern Spring 2016

[SCI-06450 High Performance Buildings and Systems Integration not currently offered]

SCI-06453 Designed Porous Materials Spring 2016

SCI-06454: Poetics of Landscape Construction

SCI-06457: The Nature and Culture of Plants

SCI-06458 Structures in Landscape Architecture Spring 2016

[SCI-06470 Simulation in Design not currently offered]

[SCI-06474 Natural Ventilation not currently offered]

SCI-06475 Life-Cycle Design Spring 2016

[SCI-06479 Daylighting not currently offered]

SES-05370 Environment, Economics, Enterprise Spring 2016

ADV-09132: Ecology, Infrastructure, Power

ADV-09141: The Architecture of Waste


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