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To radically question conventions of sustainability, Energy and Environments turns its critical attention to construction material. While it is often inadequately framed, matter is but captured energy and must account for its embodied memory—the social, geographic, and historic narratives that have contributed to its formation. 

Carlos Cerezo Davila (MDesS ‘13)
During his time as a student in the Energy and Environments concentration area, architect Carlos Cerezo Davila carried out work on the Life Cycle Energy Analysis and in research on the holistic energy understanding of the built environment. Emphasizing the trans-disciplinary approach carried out at the GSD, Davila has focused his research on the relationship between environmental and historic conservation. Work in the concentration area is never tethered just to the classroom. Davila also works as a Research Assistant in the Energy, Environments, and Design Research Lab, where he carries out investigations in the Material Geographies initiative. He is also the Co-Director of Green Design GSD, a student organization meant to sponsor discourse about energy and sustainability. 

Timur Dogan (MDesS '12)
Urban Daylight Simulation: Calculating the Daylit Area of Urban Designs (Master's Thesis).

Elliot Glassman (MDesS '12)
Facade Optimization Using Parametric Design and Future Climate Change Scenarios (Master's Thesis).

Eric Baczuk (MDesS '11)
Emerging possibilities for wireless sensing in urban water management systems. A Case Study: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Master's Thesis).

Eduardo Berlin (MDesS '11)
Towards Sustainable Housing through a Comprehensive Information Model (Master's Thesis).

Andrea Dorotan (MDesS '11)
A Critical Commentary on Energy Efficient Building Design Standards in the Philippines (Master's Thesis).

Seth Holmes (MDesS '11)
Climate change risks from a building owner's perspective: Assessing future climate and energy price scenarios (Master's Thesis). 

Rashida Mogri (MDesS '11)
High Dynamic Range Photography as a Glare Analysis Technique in Architectural Design–Current Practice and Future Potential (Master's Thesis).

Azadeh Omidfar (MDesS '11)
Performative Ornament (Master's Thesis).

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