All Academic Programs

Required Courses

4121  Buildings, Texts and Contexts I
4122  Buildings, Texts and Contexts II
9304  Independent Thesis

Typical Electives

3431  A Science of the Environment
4115  History and Theories of Urban Interventions
4329  Urbanization in the East Asian Region
4344  Modern Architecture and Urbanism in China
4354  Visual Fabrics: Film, Fashion and Culture
4362  Structuring Urban Experience: From the Athenian Acropolis to the Boston Common
4405  Istanbul: From Imperial Capital to Global City
4423  Shapes of Utopia
4436  Modernity and Crisis
4437  Michelangelo Architects: Precedents, Innovation, Influence
4438  War, Maps + Cities
4474  Critical Memory and the Experience of History
4490  Architecture's Texts

Courses of interest outside of the GSD
HAA 199    The Study of Architectural History: Critical Issues and Methodologies
HAA 271    Reading, Drawing, Printing Architecture
HAA 271x  The Origins of Modernity: The “New” 18th Century
HSCI290    Critical History: Curating Images, Objects, Media
LIT 242      Text, Image, Public Sphere
LIT 256      Archeology of Modernity and Visual Culture
VES 162    Media Archaeology of Place

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