All Academic Programs

Required Courses

First Term
4 Units 4121, Buildings, Texts and Contexts I
12 Units electives

Second Term
4 Units 4122, Building Texts and Contexts II
12 Units electives

 Third Term
4 units 4223 Building Texts and Contexts III
8 units 9305 MDes Final Project
4 Units electives

Typical Electives

3431  A Science of the Environment
4115  History and Theories of Urban Interventions
4141  History of Landscape Architecture 1
4142 History of Landscape Architecture 2 
4329  Urbanization in the East Asian Region
4344  Modern Architecture and Urbanism in China
4362  Structuring Urban Experience: From the Athenian Acropolis to the Boston Common
4365  Interiors, Environments, Atmospheres
4439  On the Picturesque
4438  War, Maps + Cities
4447  Forest, Grove, Tree: Planting Urban Landscapes
4474  Critical Memory and the Experience of History
4477  Slums in Architectural History

Courses of interest outside of the GSD
HAA 271p    Reading, Drawing, Printing Architecture
HSCI290    Critical History: Curating Images, Objects, Media
LIT 256      Archeology of Modernity and Visual Culture
Anthro 2837   Media Archaeology of Place

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