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History and Philosophy of Design

First Term
4 units    HIS-0412100 Buildings, Texts, Contexts I*
4 units    HIS-4141 Histories of Landscape Architecture I*
12 units  electives

Second Term
4 units    HIS-0412200 Building, Texts, Contexts II*
4 units    HIS-0414200 Histories of Landscape Architecture II*
12 units  electives

Third Term
4 units    HIS-0422300 Buildings, Texts, Contexts III*
8 units    ADV-0930500 MDes Final Project
4 units    electives

* Students must take 3 of these 5 courses: 4121, 4141, 4122, 4142, 4223

Suggested Electives

4 units    HIS-04115 History and Theories of Urban Interventions
4 units    HIS-04141 History of Landscape Architecture I
4 units    HIS-04142 History of Landscape Architecture II
4 units    HIS-04329 Urbanization in the East Asian Region
4 units    HIS-04344 Modern Architecture and Urbanism in China
4 units    HIS-04362 Structuring Urban Experience: From the Athenian Acropolis to the Boston Common
4 units    HIS-04365 The History of Plants and Animals in Landscape Design: Antiquity to Present
4 units    HIS-04132 Film Theory, Visual Thinking
4 units    HIS-04303 Modernization in the Visual United States Environment, 1890-2035
4 units    HIS-04305 Adventure and Fantasy Simulation, 1871-2036
4 units    HIS-04356 Screens: Media Archaeology and the Visual Arts Seminar
4 units    HIS-04459 Advanced Offering in History and Theory
4 units    HIS-04364 Interiors, Environments, Atmosphere
4 units    HIS-04366 Super Landscapes, Super Sports
4 units    HIS-04448   Cambridge Modern Architecture and Landscape
4 units    HIS-04479   Power & Place: Culture and Conflict in the Built Environment

Courses of interest outside of the GSD
HAA 271p      History of Art and Architecture
HSCI 290       Critical History: Curating Images, Objects, Media
LIT 256          Archeology of Modernity and Visual Culture
Anthro 2837  Media Archaeology of Place


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