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"Self-Reliant" Architecture and Body in North Korea, circa 1980
Melany Sun-Min Park (MDes '14)

Kim Jong-il’s 46th birthday, 16 February 1987, marked the front cover of Dialogues on Juche Architecture, the first volume of a three-part tome (volumes two and three would follow in 1988 and 1990). View Project

Image: Artur Heras, Poster, Heritage Conservation Conference 1981 Architecture for a Recovered Democracy
Manuel López Segura (MDes '13)
This thesis deals with 1980s architecture in the Valencian Country, a region of Spain. It investigates how architectural production responded to a political agenda centered on the construction of democracy, the development of the welfare state, and the recovery of regional identity. View Project

Delhi, The City of Edges (Master's Thesis)
Aneesha Dharwadker (MDes '12)

Whole, like the prey around which a snake’s jaw unhinges. It is the encroachment of the volumes of one epoch onto the edge of another, as if mass had overcome surface as the primary urban component. Surface was the original sign of the city, at a time when cities required tactile boundaries to survive. View Project

Counter-Forms: Sacrifice as Catalytic Dissent (Master's Thesis)
Aviva Rubin (MDes '12)

This thesis proposes a re-conceptualization of the moment of dissent through an analysis of the destruction of symbolic form in the city. Focusing on the beheading of Louis XVI in 1793, the felling of the Stalin statue in 1956, and the self-immolation of a Tunisian citizen in 2010, this thesis examines these destructions as expressions of transformation – as modes of sacrifice. View Project


Spinoza, Goethe, and the Philosophy of Form (Master's Thesis)
Vlasopoulos, Michail (MDes '12)


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