All Academic Programs

Required Courses
6322  Mapping: Geographic Representation and Speculation
9304  Independent Thesis

Typical Electives
4329  Urbanization in the East Asian Region
4472  Urban Theory After 1968
5206  Land Use and Environmental Law
5210  Cities by Design I
5211  Cities by Design II
5319  Urbanization and International Development
5330  Healthy Places
5337  Housing and Urbanization in Global Cities
5469  Environmental Planning & Sustainable Development
5502  Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning in the Developing World
6311  Innovative Construction in Japan

Courses of Interest Outside the GSD
HKS-IGA-370  Global Food Politics and Policy
LAW-38710A  International Environmental Law
HSPH-EH278  Human Health and Global Environmental Change
HSPH-EH201  Introduction to Environmental Health,
HSPH-EH270  Environmental Risk Management
HSPH-GHP513  Public Health Operations in Complex Emergencies
SES-05432  Humanitarian Studies: Theory & Practice

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