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Emil Gehrke’s whirligigs at Viewland"Please in My Back Yard": Mitigating the aesthetic effects of wind turbines
Jennifer A. Haugh (MDes '14)
This thesis seeks to explore and analyze the potential for artistic interventions with wind turbines. The work focuses on existing wind turbines in Massachusetts, where land-based turbines have been installed in urban, suburban, coastal, and mountainous regions. View Project

New Contours of Crisis: Shaping Retreat and Resettlement in the Northeast 
George H. Gard (MAUD '14)
This project brings together density and income data from the US Census, high-resolution topography data from various entities, and NOAA forecasts for the next 100 years in order to better understand the magnitude of potential migration. This research connects to a larger study of receiver cities of potential retreat and their potential responsive to protracted migration and equity. View Project

Rescaling the Development Agenda for Climate Resilience A case study in Burkina Faso,
West Africa
Erdem Ergin (MDesS ’13)

Humanitarian Urbanism: spaces, modes and ethics on intervention in Kabul (2001-2010)
Marianne Potvin (MDesS ’13)

Architecture for an Uncertain Coast: A Framework for Flood-Accommodating Designs
Brittany Meece (MDesS '13) 

Tsunami Evacuation System: A comparative study and design assessment on evacuation infrastructure for coastal communities
Mengni Zhang (MDesS '13)

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