All Academic Programs


Required Courses

2314  Responsive Environments
2322  Digital Media for Design
2405  Immersive Environments
6317  Materials and Fabrication Processes: An Introduction to Digital Techniques
6338  Introduction to Computational Design
9304  Independent Thesis

Typical Electives 
2444  Landscape Material Design Practice and Digital Media
6227  Structural Design I
6230  Cases in Contemporary Construction
6328  In Search of Design through Engineers
6336  On the Bri[n]ck: Architecture of the Envelope
6423  Refabricating Techtonic Prototypes
6425  Optimizations: Material Distribution
6432  Quantitative Aesthetics: Models of Movement
6436  Expanded Mechanisms/Emperical Materialisms
6437  Material Systems: Designing Composites for the Architectural Envelope
6469  Real-Time Cities
6472  Visualization
6476  Transformable Design Methods
6477  Nano/Micro/Macro: Adaptive Material Lab

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