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Responsive Environments

Positioned at the intersection of design computation and physical spaces and form, responsive environments are one of the most interesting design challenge of the information society. Studies include a wide range of activities from theoretical discourse and mostly digital explorations of interactivity to hands-on experiments using sensors, actuators, and related scripting environments. While technology does take a prominent role it is only a means to generating knowledge about interactive spaces on many levels. Augmented spaces on an urban level and the building scale, interactive networks, media, responsive learning environments, and interactive components and products are of equal interest. Students in this concentration work in close correlation with the newly started Lab for Responsive Environments, an interdisciplinary research initiative at the GSD. Related faculty include Allen Sayegh, Mariana Ibanez, Nashid Nabian and others.

Typical Electives

2310 Sculpting in Motion
2309 Kinetic Architecture
2314 Responsive Environments
2324 Augmented Architecture
4335 Architecure, Science and Technology
6334 Sentient Cities as Cybernetic, Real-time, Control Systems : Theory and Practice of Urban Sensing
6338 Computational Design (Numerical Descriptions as Design Tools)
6371 Smarter Citizens
6418 Smart Materials

Animations for the exhibition Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward, Guggenheim Mueum, New York, 2009. Sample animations: Mile High TowerHuntingdon Hartford Sports ClubLiving City

Mobile Information Unit: An interactive media kiosk used for exhibitions and artist installations.

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