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Mass Customization of Reciprocol Frame Structures: Digital Optimization and Robotic Manufacture
Ana Garcia Puyol (MDes '14)
This thesis focuses on the creation of a digital workflow that uses computational design tools to automate the generation of planar reciprocal frame (RF) structures. This research work covers the structural behavior of linear members present in conventional reciprocal frames and develops those designed with planar elements. View Project

Robot and Ceramics 2.0 Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez (MDes ’13)
Having worked as an architect and university instructor in his native Spain, Garcia del Castillo has undertaken a range of projects in the Technology concentration. In the Design Robotics Group, he partnered with fellow students in developing a strategy for mass customization of architectural ceramics using robotic technologies and CNC-fabricated components. The group’s work was recognized at the 2012 Smart-Geometry Workshop. “The labs and facilities are amazing and they all are very accessible,” he says. “The equilibrium between a theoretical, critical approach and a hands-on approach has been really valuable. It has made me more aware of the conceptual implications of my work.” 

Sandbox3D: Web App for Real-time Social Design Collaboration 
Man Kim (MDes '12)



Soft Modular Pneumatic System 
Daekwon Park (MDes '12)



Marshall A. Prado (MDes '12)
Building Code: A Spatial Ethology

Maria Ferrer Saez (MDes '11)
EXTENSION OF TOUCH: Cognitive Design for Perceptual Augmentation

Douglas Jack (MDes '11)
Tectonic Fabrications: Hans Poelzig and the Expansion of Materiality in Architecture

Mauricio Loyola Vergara (MDes '11)
Indeterminate Systems: Refactoring the Design of Topologically Unstable Patterns in Associative Modeling Environments 

Robert Pavlik (MDes '11)
From the Protean to the Systematized: The Development of Novel Construction Methods Utilizing Bio-based Polymer Composite Materials

Ben Regnier (MDes '11)
Games as Design Environments

Corey Yurkovich (MDes '11)
Out of Bounds: Exploring Variable Location Bonding in Expanded Honeycomb Assemblies 

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