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Required Courses

First Term
4 units 3241 Theories of Landscape as Urbanism
4 units 4115 History and Theory of Urban Intervention*
4 units 9641 Proseminar in Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology
4-8 units Elective

Second Term
4 units 4142 Histories of Landscape Architecture II*
4 units 6322 Mapping Geographic Representation
4 units 9644 Research Methods in Landscape Architecture
4-8 units Elective

Third Term
8 Units 9305 MDes Final Project
8 unit Electives
*Either 4115 or 4142 meet the ULE history requirement, only one course needs to be taken.

Typical Electives

2241  Landscape Representation III: Landform & Ecological Process
2322  Digital Media for Design
3336  Design Anthropology: Objects, Landscapes, Cities
4329  Urbanization in the East Asian Region
4344  Modern Architecture and Urbanism in China
4438  War, Maps + Cities
4447  Forest, Grove, Tree: Planting the Urban Landscape
5210  Cities by Design I
5211  Cities by Design II
5319  Urbanization and International Development
5330  Healthy Places
5360  Habitation and Invention: Methods for engaging urban change
5469  Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development
5502  Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning in the Developing World
6322  Mapping Geographic Representation

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