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Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology

Required Courses

First Term
4 units     DES-03241 Theories of Landscape as Urbanism
4 units     HIS-04115 History and Theory of Urban Intervention*
4 units     ADV-09641 Proseminar in Landscape, Ecology & Urbanism
4-8 units  electives

Second Term
4 units     HIS-04142 Histories of Landscape Architecture II*
4 units     SCI-06322 Mapping Geographic Representation        
4 units     ADV-09644 Research Methods in Landscape Architecture
4-8 units  electives

Third Term
8 units     ADV-09305 MDes Final Project
 8 units     electives

*Students may choose to take either 4115 or 4142, only one is required


Suggested Electives

4 units   VIS-02129 Spatial Analysis and Representation
4 units   VIS-02141 Landscape Representation I
4 units   VIS-02241 Landscape Representation III: Landform and Ecological Process
4 units   VIS-02341 Communication for Designers
4 units   VIS-02450 Meteorological Reveries: On Atmosphere, Sensation and the Design of Public Space
4 units   DES-03348 The Idea of Environment
4 units   HIS-04105 Studies of the Built North American Environment: 1580 to the Present
4 units   HIS-04115 History and Theory of Urban Interventions
4 units   DES-03241 Theories of Landscape as Urbanism, Landscape as Infrastructure: Paradigms, Practices, Prospects
4 units   HIS-04141 Histories of Landscape Architecture I: Textuality and the Practice of Landscape Architecture
4 units   HIS-04304 North American Seacoasts and Landscapes: Discovery Period to the Present
4 units   HIS-04365 The History of Plants and Animals in Landscape Design: Antiquity to Present
4 units   SES-05204 Real Estate Finance and Development
4 units   SES-05210 Cities by Design I
2 units   SES-05215 Analytic Methods of Urban Planning: Quantitative
4 units   SES-05466 The Spatial Politics of Land: A Comparative Perspective
4 units   SES-05502 Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning in the Developing World
2 units   SCI-06122 Energy in Architecture
4 units   SCI-06141 Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies I (This course has an IRREGULAR meeting schedule.)
4 units   SCI-06241 Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies III: Introduction to Ecology
4 units   SCI-06273 Water Engineering (at SEAS)
4 units   SCI-06323 Brownfields Practicum: Regeneration and Reuse of Brownfield Lands: Research, Remediation and Design Practices
4 units   SCI-06337 Changing Natural and Built Coastal Environments
4 units   SCI-06457 The Nature and Culture of Plants
4 units   ADV-09132 Ecology, Infrastructure, Power
4 units   ADV-09142 South Florida Rise and Sink: the Case of Miami Beach


ANTHRO-1645 Exploring Culture through Film
ANTHRO-1040 Origins of the Food We Eat
ANTHRO-2682 Anthropology of Urbanism: Japan in Comparative Perspective
ANTHRO-1654 Global Political Ecology
DESIGN-300 Reading and Research in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Urban Planning
E-PSCI 239 The Consequences of Energy Systems
HIST-1911 Pacific History or return to Course Catalog Search
HISTSCI-152 Filming Science or return to Course Catalog Search
IGA-365 Human Rights and Foreign Policy or return to Course Catalog Search
VES-107 Studies of the Built North American Environment since 1580


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