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Wet Grounds: Emerging Landscapes of Storage
by Adriana Chávez (MDes '14)
Winner of the 2014 Urban Project Prize, Wet Grounds aims to re-qualify the world’s inter-tropical zone beyond its climatic conditions. It focuses 
on urbanization models located within manufacturing corridors of emerging economies in tropical regions. View Project

Logistical UrbanizationLogistical Urbanization: Interiorization/Exteriorization of Port Activities
Conor O'Shea (MDes '14)
Logistical urbanization theorizes the interiorization and exteriorization of logistics towards mega inland ports and higher capacity offshore intermediate transshipment hubs as catalysts of distinct urbanization processes. View Project

Lower Athabasca, Alberta, Canada The Lower Athabasca Regional Counterplan
Christopher Alton (MDes '14)
This thesis is constructed as a critical analysis of the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP) in Alberta, Canada, and advocates a counter-enclosure strategy as a tactic of “communing.” View Project

Void Urbanism. A Genealogy
Roi Salgueiro Barrio (MDes '14)
The thesis posits that the notion of void and its spatial manifestations have had a central and under examined position for the diverse (re)organizations of the discipline of urbanism since modernity. View Project

Border as Urbanism: Redrawing theDemilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea
Kim, Dongsei (MDes '12)
Borders are among the most fundamental instrument in modulating the logistics of space, delineating what is included and excluded. This thesis primarily deals with borders of nation-states; however, the implications of the discourse are profound and pertinent at all scales of spatial design including, micro, meso, and macro scales that range from the local to the global. View Project

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