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Research Units are a bridge between multidisciplinary research and policy applications, knitting together people from programs and research interests of different Harvard schools. They are founded on the belief that many of the key research challenges and opportunities of our era require cooperation among the arts, humanities and sciences and among the academy, industry, and the public sphere. A key resource for scholars, public and private sector leaders, design practitioners and policymakers, the Research Units improve study and practice, inform policy decisions and convene informed discussion on a broad range of issues.

The Research Units include established research programs and Design Labs, where the synthesis of theoretical and applied knowledge yields innovative and speculative research that enables design to be an agent of change in society. In addition, the GSD environment fosters research projects that are site or theme specific.

Design Labs & Groups

Design Robotics Group

Energy, Environments & Design Lab

Geometry Lab

New Educational Environments

New Geographies Lab

Responsive Environments & Artifacts Lab

Social Agency Lab

Urban Theory Lab

The GSD also collaborates with metaLAB, a program of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Research Programs & Initiatives

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture

The Joint Center for Housing Studies

Health and Places Initiative

Real Estate Academic Initiative

Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure

Research Projects

Transforming Urban Transport

Urban India Atlas Project

South America Project

Korean and East Asian Research Project

Policy Levers and Urban Growth in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Dynamics of Grassroots Mobilization in Tanzania

Organizational Approaches to Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Haiti

Baku: Oil and Urbanism

Project Zagreb

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