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Courses that Fulfill Distribution/Subject Area Requirements, 2013-2014

Note, the list below is indicative only. The official list is available online.

Please Note: Spring course offerings may be subject to change

1. Models of Development


GSD 4115: History and Theory of Urban Interventions

GSD 5201: Urban Politics and Planning

GSD 5203: Markets and Market Failures

GSD 5204: Real Estate Finance and Development

GSD 5206: Planning and Environmental Law

HKS 5213: Policy Making in Urban Settings

HKS 5222: Markets and Market Failures with Cases

GSD 5304: Transportation Planning and Development

GSD 5476: Housing Delivery Systems in the United States

GSD 5468: Advanced Workshop in Participatory Urban Planning and Design

GSD 5492: Real Estate Finance and Development Fundamentals

GSD 5502: Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning in the Developing World


GSD 4475: Case Studies in Critical Conservation: Architecture and Cities

GSD 5103: Public and Private Development

GSD 5212: Field Studies in Real Estate, Planning and Urban Design

GSD 5303: Advanced Real Estate Development and Finance (prerequisite required)

GSD 5473: Housing Policy in the United States

HKS 5489: Real Estate in Frontier Markets

HKS 5490: Affordable and Mixed Income Housing Development, Finance and Management

E. Marchant

GSD 5335: Public Participation in Planning and Development Theory and Practice (2011-2012)

GSD 4475: Case Studies in Critical Conservation: Architecture and Urban Design(2011-2012)

GSD 5302: Transportation Policy and Planning (2011-2012)

GSD 5501: Transforming Cities in Emerging Economies – (2011-2012)

2. Urban Systems


GSD 3241: Theories of Landscape as Urbanism, Landscape as Infrastructure

GSD 3342: Infrastructural Ecologies? (A Projective Urbanism)

GSD 4115: Histories and Theory of Urban Interventions

GSD 4323: Constructing Vision

GSD 4329: Urbanization in the East Asian Region

GSD 4334: Geo-Architecture

GSD 4433: The Cultural Invention of the "Shanty Town"

GSD 5433: Modern Housing and Urban Districts: Concepts, Cases and Comparisons

GSD 9123: The Fourth Typology: Dominant Type and the Idea of the City


GSD 3302: Designing the American City: Civic Aspirations and Urban Form r

GSD 4344: Modern Architecture and Urbanism in China

GSD 4359: Urban Form: History + Theory

GSD 5319: Urbanization and International Development

GSD 3445: Recalibrating Infrastructure (2011-2012)

GSD 3449: The Third Coast Atlas (2011-2012)

GSD 3472: Urban Grids: Exploring its Design Potentials (2011-2012)

GSD 3478: Planetary Urbanization: Theoretical Foundations and Frontiers (2011-2012)

GSD 4105: Studies of the Built North American: 1580 to the Present (2011-2012)

GSD 5342: Creating Resilient Cities: Climate Adaptive and Anticipatory Practices (2011-2012)

GSD 6370: Urban Responses to Sea Level Rise (2011-2012)

GSD 9117: Airport Landscape: Ecological, Infrastructural, and Urban Implications of the Aerial Age (2011-2012)

GSD  9118: Urban Formation and Spatial Analysis in East Asian Cities (2011-2012)

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