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History and Theory

Concentration Advisor: Neil Brenner

Other Concentration Faculty: Eve Blau, Diane Davis, Michael Hooper, Jerold Kayden, Peter Rowe

Download the History and Theory Area of Concentration memo (PDF) 

This concentration is intended for students who have a strong interest in theoretical questions related to cities, urbanization, urbanism and urban planning, whether in historical or contemporary contexts.  It may also be of particular interest to those considering a future doctorate in urban planning or an associated discipline.  The concentration is designed to foster critical thinking regarding the social, economic, political and spatial processes that have produced urbanized built environments, and their consequences for everyday life, social reproduction, politics, and environmental conditions.  The courses also explore the ways in which planners and policy-makers attempt to influence such processes and their consequences at various spatial scales.

For an up-to-date list of pre-approved courses, see the PDF concentration memo linked at the top of this page.

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