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Housing and Neighborhood Development

Concentration Advisors: Sai Balakrishnan and Chris Herbert

Other Concentration Faculty: Stephen Gray, Daniel D'Oca, Ann Forsyth, Toni Griffin, Michael Hooper, Rahul Mehrotra

Download the Housing and Neighborhood Development Concentration memo (PDF)    

This Area of Concentration is for those students who are interested in the planning, development and regulation of housing resources and their surrounding neighborhoods. Planners who choose this concentration may envision themselves working in the public sector as policy makers, program administrators or development facilitators or in the non-profit or for-profit sector as developers, community activists or consultants. These students are interested in shaping the part of the built environment that provides the setting for the residential and closely related functions of the city.

Because housing is a vital social as well as economic element of the city, a wide range of courses is relevant to this work. Concentrators may choose to focus on aspects of the work as diverse as housing policy, market analysis, physical design and planning, real estate finance, the development process, community engagement, implementation strategies and regulatory regimens. Neighborhoods are complex parts of the metropolitan environment, requiring a wide range of skills. This element of the concentration may include work on many of the topics listed above as well as land use regulation, urban design, demographic and economic analysis, local politics and related disciplines such as transportation, infrastructure, retail and social networks.

For an up-to-date list of pre-approved courses, see the PDF concentration memo linked at the top of this page.

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