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Real Estate and Urban Development

Concentration Advisors: Richard Peiser and Bing Wang

Other Concentration Faculty: Frank Apeseche, Chris Herbert, Jerold Kayden, Alex Krieger, Andres Sevtsuk, Ray Torto

Download the Real Estate and Urban Development Area of Concentration memo (PDF)

The Area of Concentration courses for Real Estate and Urban Development may be divided into four main parts: development analysis; physical planning, design and construction; finance and deal structuring; and implementation. Students may choose to study real estate and urban development more broadly or focus on a subarea such as public-private partnerships, negotiations, or the physical site planning of a project. Students may envision working in the public sector focused on physical planning or implementation or in the private or nonprofit sectors possibly as developers or consultants.

For an up-to-date list of pre-approved courses, see the PDF concentration memo linked at the top of this page.

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