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Urban design

Concentration Advisors: Joan Busquets and Alex Krieger

Download the Urban Design Concentration Memo (PDF)

The Urban Design Concentration requires students to dedicate twelve credit hours within their required course load to courses that focus on the physical form of the built environment. Eight of these credit hours must be fulfilled with an option studio taught by urban design faculty or visitors. The remaining four credit hours can be satisfied with an urban design related course approved by the concentration advisor.

Example course include the following.

At the GSD 


  • Option Studio
  • GSD 4334 Geo-Architecture
  • GSD 5210 Cities by Design I
  • GSD 5433 Modern Housing and Urban Districts: Concepts, Cases and Comparisons


  • Option Studio
  • GSD 3302 Designing the American City: Civic Aspirations and Urban Form
  • GSD 4344 Modern Architecture and Urbanism in China
  • GSD 5211 Cities by Design II
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