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While the MUP program at the GSD is by no means defined by its numbers, metrics can help illustrate the strengths of the program. We expect to add to the information on this page, so check back if you don’t see your question answered here.

Student Outcomes
A survey of MUP alumni in 2013 found that 100% were pleased or very pleased with their planning education at the GSD. For those who had graduated in the previous 5 years, nearly 100% were pleased or very pleased with their education.

What is the annual tuition for a full-time MUP student?
For the 2014-2015 academic year, tuition will be $43,700. Many MUP students receive financial aid and other support. For more information see the GSD Financial Aid page on annual costs.

What are the student retention and graduation rates?
The class of 2013 graduated 41 students. For the class of 2012, 95% of the entering class graduated within three years, with a total of 20 graduates. For 2011, 94% graduated in three years, with a total of 31 graduates. Four-year graduation rates are the same as the three-year rates.

How many MUP faculty and students are members of the APA?
All MUP tenured and tenure-track level faculty are members of the APA. A majority of MUP students take advantage of the APA’s early career membership options.

How many MUP graduates pass the AICP exam?
For the recent MUP graduating classes of 2009 through 2013, 5 graduates took the AICP exam. One 2011 graduate failed the exam, and four 2010 graduates passed the exam. All 5 took the exam within 3 years of graduating.

How are recent MUP graduates employed?
When surveyed five months after graduation, the class of 2013 reported 76% employment in planning and related fields. When surveyed one year after graduation, 7 of the 10 respondents from the class of 2012 reported employment in planning and related fields. Data on a one year post-graduation survey of 2013 alumni is forthcoming.

What kinds of awards and recognitions have students in the MUP program received? What else are Harvard MUPs accomplishing at the GSD and in their communities?
For more information on what HARVARD MUPs are doing please see the Urban Planning and Design Facebook page. And don’t forget to check out the student Q&A profiles.

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