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Hyunwook Bae, MUP 2013

Project Title

2474 City, First Semester Core Planning Studio


Ana Gelabert-Sanchez


Fall 2011

My vision was to make a 24/7/4 city; a neighborhood where both residents and visitors can live, work, shop, and entertain for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 4 seasons a year. Through this vision, I wanted to create lasting vibrancy in the district.

I chose this concept because I observed a fluctuating use of space over time within this district, which was the most noticeable and critical issue within the neighborhood. Each sub-district had its own distinctive use of space. The sub-districts were not sufficiently co-related to make synergy among them. Looking at each sub-district one by one, in West Fenway, space is mainly used during the baseball season due to Fenway Park, while it is almost vacated during the off-season. In East Fenway, activity is mainly concentrated on evening and nighttime because of music-related institutions like Symphony Hall. In the Fen, there is little activity during the winter time probably because of harshly cold weather. Lastly, in the LMA, space use is quite limited by operation hours of institutions from 9am to 6pm. These limited uses over time often account for dull street appearance and few activities.

My first priority was to integrate separate areas of space-time altogether to make them function as a whole. To realize this concept, on the district plan, I physically laid out how different kinds of land uses overlapped, stitching them together for better continuous interactions between different sub-districts. The base outline is supported by several integrating elements such as an open space network, pedestrian walks, bike lanes, shuttle bus route, and Metro system. I then inserted several supplementary programs, which have different cycles of use to to create a more integrated spectrum of usage. 

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