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Arthur W. Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship

About Arthur W. Wheelwright

The Arthur W. Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship in Architecture was created in 1935 by the gift of Edith F. Wheelwright "to establish a fellowship in architecture in memory of my husband, the late Arthur W. Wheelwright, class of Harvard 1887...for travel and study outside the United States."

The following is an excerpt from Harvard College:

"Arthur William Wheelwright was born in Boston September 14, 1864, the son of John William and Sarah (Messer) Wheelwright, and died at his home in Westwood, Massachusetts, January 2, 1932.

Wheelwright's father conducted the successful cotton commission house of Wheelwright, Eldridge & Company, with an unconcealed ambition that his son should succeed to his business. But the son had a pronounced interest in art, and the life of an artist, and after a year in his father's office, he began the study of architecture. After two years of this study in Boston, he went to Paris and spent three years in an art school. He practised his profession in Boston for more than ten years. His work was then interrupted by a period of protracted ill health. He bought a farm in Westwood and settled down to a life of a country gentleman and amateur farmer. His interest in art never deserted him, however, and he produced innumerable sketches and paintings, while during recent years he advanced under the well known artist, Philip Hale, to a marked degree of artistic skill, greatly to his own pleasure and satisfaction.

In 1922, Wheelwright married Edith Freeman, of Boston. Several years later he bought a summer place on Cape Cod, at Chatham, Massachusetts, which he filled with his productions. He left no children."


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