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Arthur W. Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship

Applying for the Wheelwright Fellowship

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Specific questions regarding administration of the Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship should be directed to:

Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship Coordinator
Department of Architecture
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
48 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617.496.7470

  1. In selecting recipients, the council shall be guided by whether or not the award would be an effective means of broadening the individual's horizons. The fellowship shall be awarded primarily as a means of encouraging the development of promising individuals rather than as a reward or honor for professional success.

  2. Any individual who has been awarded a degree in architecture or architecture in urban design from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design is eligible. The amount of the fellowship is equivalent to the annual income from the original $100,000 gift. A stipend of approximately $60,000 will be awarded this academic year to one individual selected by a vote of the Architecture Department faculty following review of all applications.

  3. Deadline for all materials — Friday, April 1, 2011. Fellowship notification will take place in May 2011.

  4. Although the award is to provide recipients with financial support for approximately one year of study and travel abroad, some latitude is allowed concerning the length of stay. Award funds are made available to the recipient for a maximum of two years beginning on the date of notification. Although the recipient need not remain abroad continuously, he or she is expected to spend a minimum of six consecutive months abroad pursuing a course of study.

  5. Applicants are free to select their study topic. They are asked to define and note in their application any initial preparations made. This would include whether the nature of their study requires knowledge of a foreign language and, if so, what degree of proficiency they have achieved. Applicants should describe why foreign travel is necessary and consider whether a brief period of study within the United States as a prelude to their foreign travel would be useful.

  6. Of the four letters of recommendation requested on the application form, at least two of the letters should attest to the applicant's capabilities to successfully complete his or her study program. Applicants are asked to emphasize in their portfolios any aspects of their work that relate specifically to their proposed study program. These suggestions are not intended to deter applicants who are selecting new areas of study. Special allowances will be made for applicants wishing to develop new areas of expertise.

  7. Applicants are requested to identify what role they played in the projects described in their portfolios when there was more than one contributor. For example, if a particular building described in an applicant's portfolio was designed in a large office where the applicant worked, the applicant is requested to state his or her precise role in the process (e.g., chief architect, draftsperson, etc.).


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