Graduate School of Design
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Cambridge, MA 02138

Arthur W. Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship

Past Fellows

2010-2011 Elisa Silva
MArch '02
"Interpreting Design Knowledge Through Latin American Slum Upgrading Efforts"
2009-2010 Ying Zhou
MArch '07
"Urban loopholes and pragmatist landscapes: spatial productions and the Shanghai Expo 2010"
2008-2009 Mason White
MArch '01
"Meltdown: Thawing Geographies in Arctic Russia"
2007-2008 Carlos Arnaiz
MArch '03
"Four Experiments in Urbanism: The Modern University City in Latin America"
2006-2007 Miho Mazereeuw
MArch/MLA '02
"Post-Disaster Architecture and Urbanism: 3 Cities along the Ring of Fire"
2005-2006 Joshua Comaroff
MArch/MLA '01
"The Archaeology of Afro-Modernism"
2004-2005 Cecilia Tham
MArch '02
"The Roundabout Spectacle"
2003-2004 Ker-Shing Ong
MArch/MLA '02
"A City in Miniature"
2002-2003 Jeannie Kim
MArch '00
"Stuck in the Middle Again"
2001-2002 Sze Tsung Leong
MArch '98
"Endangered Spaces: The Casualties of Chinese Modernization"
2000-2001 Farès el-Dahdah
MAUD '89 DDES '92
"Utopian Superblocks: The Evolution of Brasilia's
1,200 Housing Slabs since 1960.
1999-2000 Paolo Bercah
MArch '96
1998-1999 Nana Last
MArch '86
"Cartesian Grounds: The Extended Planes of Modernism"
1996-1997 James Favaro
MArch '82
"The Influence of Underground Transportation on the Development of Cities"
1995-1996 Raveervarn Choksombatchai
MArch '87
"Seam: Connecting Spatial Fabric"
1994-1995 Edwin Y. Chan
"The Glass Building Revisited"
1993-1994 Richard M. Sommer
MArch '88
"Traces of the Iron Curtain: A Creative Redescription"
1992-1993 Jeffrey A. Murphy
MArch '86
"Housing Courtyards of the Amsterdam School"
1991-1992 Roger Sherman
MArch '85
"The Simulation of Nature: Alvar Aalto and the Architecture of Mis en Scene"
1990-1991 Holly Getch
MArch '91
"Conventions of Representation and Strategies of Urban Space from the 18th to the Early 20th Centuries: Juvarra, Repton, Schinkel, Le Corbusier"
1989-1990 Wellington Reiter
MArch '86
"The Walled City Reconsidered: A Study of Roman Passage Architecture"
1988-1989 Elizabeth A. Williams
MArch '85
"Event, Place, Precedent: The Urban Festival in Western Europe"
1987-1988 Linda Pollak
MArch '85
"The Picturesque Promenade: Temporal Order in the Space of Modernism"
1986-1987 Christopher Doyle
MArch '85
"Sequence and Microsequence: Urban Drama in Baroque Italy"
  Frances Hsu
MArch '85
"Transformation of the Landscape in Modernism: Gardens of Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier"
1985-1986 Paul John Grayson
MArch '56
"Housing and Lifecare Facilities Planning and Design for the Elderly in Japan, Israel, Europe"
1982-1983 Joanna Lombard
MArch '77
"American Gardens and the European Precedent: A Design Analysis of Public Space and Cultural Translation"
1981-1982 Hector R. Arce
MArch '77
"The Grid as Underlying Structure: A Study of the Urbanism of Gridded Cities in Latin America"
1979-1980 Nelson K. Chen
MArch '78
"Indigenous Patterns of Housing and Processes of Urban Development in Europe and Southeast Asia"
1978-1979 Susie Kim
MAUD, '77
"Time-Lapse Architecture in Sicily"
1976-1977 Corky Poster
MArch '73
  Leon J. Goldberg
MArch '72
"Housing Facilities for the Elderly: A Cross-Cultural Study"
1974-1975 Alan Chimacoff
MArch '68
"An Investigation of the Relationship between Architecture and Urban Design of Significant European Urban Centers and their Exploration of Formal, Spatial, Geometric, Proportional, and Scalar Characteristics"
1973-1974 Klaus Herdeg
MAUD '64
"Formal Structure of Public Architecture in Persia and Turkestan"
1972-1973 Ozdemir Erginsav
MArch '61, MAUD '63
1971-1972 Minoru Takeyama
MArch '60
1970-1971 Theodore Liebman
MArch '63
1969-1970 Robert Kramer
MArch '60
1968-1969 Adele Marie de Souza Santos
MAUD '63
1967-1968 William H. Liskamm
MArch '56
1966-1967 William Lindemulder
MArch '58
1965-1966 Peter Woytok
MArch '62
1964-1965 William Morgan
MArch '58
1963-1964 Paul Krueger
MArch '59
1962-1963 B. Frank Schlesinger
MArch '54
"Water and the Urban Image"
1961-1962 Albert Szabo
MArch '52
1960-1961 Donald Craig Freeman
MArch '57
1959-1960 John C. Haro
MArch '55
1958-1959 Paul Mitarachi
MArch '50
1957-1958 Don Hisaka
MArch '53
1956-1957 George F. Conley
BArch '53
1955-1956 Dolf Hermann Schnebli
MArch '54
1954-1955 Ferdinand Frederick Bruck
MArch '51
1953-1954 Royal Alfred McClure
MArch '47
1952-1953 William J. Conklin
MArch '50
  Gottfied Paul Csala
BArch '54
  Helmut Jacoby
BArch '54
  Edward Stutt
MArch '53
1951-1952 Frederick D. Holister
MArch '53
  Donald Emanuel Olsen
MArch '46
1950-1951 Ieoh Ming Pei
MArch '46
  Jacek von Henneberg
MArch '51
  Jerry Neal Leibman  
1949-1950 Henry Louis Horowitz
MArch '50
  Jean Claude Mazet
MArch '50
  Edward Chase Weren  
  George Elliot Rafferty
MArch '50
1948-1949 Vaughn Papworth Call
MRP '49
1947-1948 Joseph Douglas Carroll, Jr.
MCP '47
1946-1947 Jean Paul Carlhian
MCP '47
  Noel Buckland Dant
MRP '48
  Martin Daniel Meyerson
MCP '49
1945-1946 William Lindus Cody Wheaton  
  Kurt Augustus Mumm
BCP '46
  Ira Rakatansky
MArch '46
  Stanley Salzman
MArch '46
1944-1945 Robert William Blachnik
MArch '45
  Alvaro Ortega
MArch '45
  Theodore Jan Prichard
MArch '44
  Helge Westermann
MArch '48
1943-1944 Christopher Tunnard  
1942-1943 Albert Evans Simonson  
  William W. Wurster  
1941-1942 Phillip Emile Joseph  
1940-1941 Leonard James Currie
MArch '38
1939-1940 Eliot Fette Noyes
MArch '38
1938-1939 Walter H.Kilham, Jr.
MArch '28
1937-1938 Constantine A. Pertzoff  
1936-1937 Newton Ellis Griffith  
  Paul Marvin Rudolph
MArch '47
  Walter Egan Trevett  
1935-1936 Prentice Bradley
MArch '33

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