Course #: STU-01212-00


Mon Thu 12:30-6:00


Chris Reed, David Mah, Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Leire Asensio Villoria, Silvia Benedito, Zaneta Hong

Course Description

This studio focuses on the development of urban form as driven by ecology and environmental dynamics. The studio will introduce students to methods and representational techniques for describing urban form and the underlying ecologies that might be invoked to shape the urban fabric. Representational strategies begin with mapping and diagramming larger ecological processes and dynamics on an urban brownfield site, and then focus on the description of built form, urban infrastructure, and the relationships between the city and its reconstituted riverine setting. Early and mid-semester workshops will focus on urban ecologies and parametric urbanism, respectively.

Academics: Courses: Landscape Architecture IV /Spring 2014

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