Awarded By

Architecture Department


This award is granted by the recommendation of the Architecture faculty and awarded to one student in both the MArch I and MArch II programs. The award is given in recognition of significant achievement throughout the relevant program's design sequence.

Nature of Award

Type of award:
Honors (medal, certificate, book, trophy, etc)

Full description of award:
Certificate, book

Number Available

2 (1 each MArch I and MArch II)


General restrictions:

  • Must be Harvard student
  • Must be GSD student
  • Specific degree/program (see below)

Full description of eligibility restrictions:
Graduating MArch students


Portfolio: For MArch I and MArch II the portfolio can include any and all design work completed at the GSD.

Portfolios should be submitted by a late May deadline that is TBD.

Basis of Award

Significant design achievement


Late May (2016 deadline TBD)

When Awarded



Architecture Dept (Rm 207)

Previous Winners Include:

2016: Iman Fayyad (MArch I)
Sofia Blanco Santos (MArch II)
2015:  Ben Ruswick (MArch I)
Nelson Byun (MArch II)
2014:  Jennifer Ly (MArch I) and Max Wong (MArch I)
Jose Mayoral Moratilla (MArch II)
2013:  Drew Cowdrey (MArch I)
Alberto Montesinos (MArch II)
2012:  Jeremy Jih (MArch I) and Stephanie Lin (MArch I)
Bosuk Hur (MArch II)
2011:  Kevin Hirth (MArch I)
Sandra Herrera (MArch II)
2010:  Brett Albert (MArch I)
Haohao Zhu (MArch II)
2009:  Frederick Ortner (MArch I)
Seung Teak Lee (MArch II)
2008:  Yusun Kwon (MArch I)
Richard Hyun-Soo Kim (MArch II)
Saverio Panata (MArch II)
2007: Julie Hui-Guang Kaufman (MArch I)
Russel David Crader II (MArch II)
2006: Lick Fai Ho ( MArch I)
Richard Lam (MArch I)
Zhou Xu (MArch II)
2005: William G. O'Brian, Jr. (MArch I)
Geoffrey Davin von Oeyen (MArch I)
Jason Kamlukin Frantzen (MArch II)
2004: Jason Halaby (MArch I)
Tiffany Lin (MArch II)
2003: Leonard Ng (MArch I)
Ivan Rupnik (MArch II)
2002: Cecilia Tham (MArch I)
David Hill (MArch II)
2001: Lucia Allais (MArch I)
2000: Jeannie Kim (MArch I)
Carlos Bautista (MArch II)
1999: Elizabeth Whittaker (MArch I)
Matteo Scagnol (MArch II)
1998: Sze Tsung Leong (MArch I)
Philip Photiadis (MArch II)
1997: David Bae (MArch I)
Felice Grodin (MArch II)
1996: Erik Mott (MArch I)
Yoshiko Sato (MArch II)
1995: Warren Techentin (MArch I)
Jennifer Beattie & Mark Donohue (MArch II)