The Harvard University John E. Thayer Award is given to one graduate from each of the graduate schools.  It is to be awarded to the most “meritorious scholar” who has financial need.  The stipend is approximately $12,000.

Each department will nominate one student.  The Financial Aid Officer and Associate Dean will determine which of the three nominees is the most deserving, and that person will be given the award.

Previous winners/nominees include:

2016:   Alex Timmer

2015:    Jessica Wilcox

2014:    Michael Burton

2013:    Robert Taylor Dover

2012:    Benjamin Franceschi

2011:     Alexandra Gauzza

2010:    Megan Panzano

2009:   Emily Pearl

2008:   Lysa Janssen

2007:   Andrew Witt

2006:   Joel Lamere

2005:   Jonathan Sinclair Lott

2004:   Christopher Orsega

2003:   Christina Crawford

2002:   Simeon Seigel

2001:   Kristen Giannattasio

2000:   Robert J. Orr

1999:   Elizabeth Lee Whittaker

1998:   Patricia Rhee

1997:   Brian Bell

1996:   John Hong

1995:   Lori Bruns

1994:   Brian Girard

1993:   Richard Rosa

1992:   Neil Schwartz