GSD Course Bulletin - Fall 2011

01402: Water Front New Haven (STU 0140200)

Landscape Architecture
Option Studio - 8 credits - Limited enrollment
Thursday Friday 2:00 - 6:00  

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Henri Bava, Michel Hossler, Olivier Philippe

Course Description

Drawing the urban extension of the city center of New Haven towards the industrial port, crossing rail tracks and the motorway to reconnect city and coastline: the challenge is to transform the industrial port into an integral part of the city center. This calls for the creation and definition of open spaces, landscapes in dialog with industrial context and contemporary architecture relating to new uses, leisure and economic activities. The project must be part of a long-term vision, integrating broader ongoing projects with a critical reading of the arrival of the High speed intercity rail project which intends to set New Haven in the center of a New York/Boston/Montreal triangle. Students must also take into consideration the consequences associated with climate change, for example rising sea levels.

This studio is for landscape architecture/urban design/architecture students.