GSD Course Bulletin - Spring 2012

09115: Bibliotheca II: The Library Test Kitchen (ADV 0911500)

Seminar - 4 credits - Limited enrollment
Thursday 11:30 - 2:00   Gund L12

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Jeffrey Schnapp, Jeff Goldenson

Course Description

Note: Dual enrollment in 09115 Bibliotheca II and Moneo’s 03211 Behind Todays Architectural Trends is possible.  
Though they appear to conflict, it is possible to enroll in both Bibliotheca II as well as Rafael Moneo's Behind Todays Architectural Trends.  
Accommodations will be made for the three Thursdays when the two classes conflict. 
Instructions for dual registration: register one of the two courses, and then go to the Forms tab in GROPIUS, download the form “Petition to Add Course with a Time Conflict,” fill it out and turn it in to Student Services.  
Bibibliotheca II: Library Test Kitchen is building off of the momentum of Fall’s Bibliotheca seminar.  The original Bibliotheca is not a prerequisite. 
What form should the Harvard Library of the 21st century assume? Should it simply vanish into virtual desktops and merge into a timeless and placeless universal database? Should it alter its identity and become a workshop, a laboratory, an innovation incubator where emerging and future forms interact and dialogue with the relics of the past? Or should it simply merge with the university itself as a place of knowledge production and reproduction?
The Library Test Kitchen:
This is a seminar about making.  We will focus on designing, building and deploying products, services & experiences, broadly defined, to the Harvard Library community.  After a brief crash-course in library theory and practice, we will begin creative work.  As projects gel, students will deploy them in “Test Kitchens” - partner libraries, such as the Loeb and Widener Libraries, that allocate portions of their public space to these experiments.
Generous funding will be provided by Prof. Robert Darnton and the Library Lab for the creation of Library Test Kitchen projects.  Funds will be available on a kickstarter-style video application basis.   
The Library Test Kitchen is an experimental collaboration providing special support and access to funds.  We will expect students to publicly document their progress and projects.
Example projects

Selected provocations/discussion topics