GSD Course Bulletin - Spring 2012

04305: Adventure and Fantasy Simulation, 1871-2036: Seminar (HIS 0430500)

Landscape Architecture
Seminar - 4 credits
Tuesday 1:00 - 3:00   Sever 215

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John Stilgoe

Course Description

Visual constituents of high adventure since the late Victorian era, emphasizing wandering woods, rogues, tomboys, women adventurers, faerie antecedents, halflings, crypto-cartography, Third-Path turning, martial arts, and post-1937 fantasy writing as integrated into contemporary advertising, video, computer-generated simulation, and private and public policy.Note: This course is offered jointly with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as VES 167.Prerequisites: GSD 4105, GSD 4303, and GSD 4304, or permission of the instructor.