GSD Course Bulletin - Fall 2012

04115: History and Theory of Urban Interventions (HIS 0411500)

Urban Planning and Design
Lecture - 4 credits
Monday Wednesday 11:30 - 1:00   Gund 111

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Neil Brenner

Course Description

This class provides a high-intensity introduction the history and theory of urban planning practice under modern capitalism.  Building upon an interdisciplinary literature drawn from planning theory and history as well as urban social science (geography, sociology, political science, history), we explore the emergence, development and continual transformation of urban planning in relation to changing configurations of capitalist urbanization, modern state power and sociopolitical struggle.  We also explore (a) the changing sites and targets of planning intervention, from the neighborhood, city and regional scales to those of the metropolis, national economy and beyond, and (b) the evolution of political and institutional struggles regarding its instruments, goals and constituencies.  The course is organized in three main parts.

Previously offered as 5101.