GSD Course Bulletin - Fall 2012

01309: Reconsidering Architecture: Rotterdam Study Abroad Studio Option (STU 0130900)

Option Studio - 8 credits - Limited enrollment
This course has an IRREGULAR meeting schedule. Please see full course description.

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Remment Koolhaas

Course Description

In spite of 100 years of globalization, the range of architectural typologies and the common understanding of the elements of the discipline may have diminished. At the same time, a consensus is emerging about architecture's "final" typological repertoire. As control of architectural production and discourse shifts back from West to East, the Rotterdam Studio will attempt to reassess the repertoire and the tools available to architects everywhere. The studio will invent ways of communicating this new-found knowledge in the form of an exhibition.

The research consists of three interconnected topics:

While these three areas of research constitute a long-term effort to produce knowledge about the (once) existing, the production of the exhibition will be a highly creative effort at communication, involving collaboration with graphic designers, exhibition designers, and other disciplines.

The work of the Rotterdam studio will be done in the form of a seminar, forcing a regular rhythm of productivity on the entire team. At the end of the first three months, the product of the studio will primarily be knowledge, and the beginnings of exhibition concepts that can be developed by later waves of students - and by the originators, since continuity in this ongoing project is welcome.