GSD Course Bulletin - Fall 2012

02446: Landscape as Drawing (VIS 0244600)

Landscape Architecture
Workshop - 4 credits - Limited enrollment
Wednesday 8:30 - 11:30   7 Sumner 402

Course Tools for this course (Canvas)

Ewa Harabasz

Course Description

The course objective is to advance students' visual skills in artistic representation and creative imagination through drawing.

Assigned projects will focus on both the natural and built environment, as well as on emotional perception, bodily experience and metaphoric interpretation of landscape.

This course focuses on mastering technical and artistic skills in hand drawing, refining sensitivity to all details of what one sees, and developing capacity to articulate it in a visually convincing and evocative form. Projects will include work in outdoor and indoor situations and places, and drawing
of life models.

In the process of drawing, students will focus on the world of lines, textures, shapes, light, shade and values. We will use various tools, materials and artistic techniques including: pencils, vine charcoal, conté pastels, markers, ink and other media, later combined with the use of camera, press imagery, computer renderings, etc. Drawing projects may include:

During the course references will be made to historical approaches to landscape as in: