GSD Course Bulletin - Spring 2013 - STU-01102-00


01102: Second Semester Core: Introduction to Design and Visual Studies in Architecture (STU 0110200)

Core Studio - 8 credits
Monday Wednesday Friday 2:00 - 6:00  


Cameron Wu, Katy Barkan, Jeffry Burchard, John Hong, Mariana Ibanez, Elizabeth Whittaker, Ingeborg Rocker

Course Description

The overarching pedagogical agenda for second semester is to expand upon the methodology of technique from the first semester such that students should develop an understanding of the complex interwoven relationship between form, space, structure, and materiality. This semester is about embodying and motivating the logical techniques from first semester with the problems of materiality, mass, proportion, tactility, and structure. Prerequisites: GSD 1101

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