GSD Course Bulletin - Fall 2011

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Courses taught by Nico Kienzl

06122 [M2]: Energy, Technology and Building (SCI 0612200)

Lecture - 2 credits
This course is a module. It lasts the second half of the semester only.
Friday 10:00 - 1:00   Gund 109

Nico Kienzl

Course Description

This lecture course introduces students to energy and environmental issues, particularly those that must be faced by the discipline of architecture. An overview of the basic principles of energy generation and energy use will be provided, and the fundamental climatic precursors and patterns will be discussed. Building design issues in relation to basic energy needs and interior environmental requirements will be briefly outlined, and students will be exposed to the underlying complexity of developing solutions that address a wide range of local and global concerns. In addition, the technological response to interior environmental control will be contextualized within the larger framework of the scientific and socio-cultural influences that shaped the building systems we currently use.This course, 6122, was previously offered as 6112M2.

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