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Courses taught by Rafael Moneo

03211: Behind Todays Architectural Trends (DES 0321100)

Lecture - 4 credits
This course has an IRREGULAR meeting schedule. Please see full course description.
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 11:30 - 1:00   Gund - Piper

Rafael Moneo

Course Description

The lecture course serves to emphasize my belief that a critical reflection on contemporary architecture is always helpful to allow students to reflect on why and where they would like to situate their work.
Last year´s lecture course GSD 3331 Conversations about the architecture of the second half of the XXth century with Peter Eisenman examined architecture in the decades of the 50s, 60s 70s and 80s. For this year´s course, I will trace architecture’s development since the early 90s by discussing the work of those whom I consider to be the most influential architects, drawn from my survey of the work of eight architects.
When talking about Eiseman, Siza, Gehry, Herzog + DeMeuron and Koolhaas, I will focus on their works in the most recent stages of their careers. Some references will be made to their earlier work, but the focus will be on how they adapt their thinking to the current trends in the 90s. We will examine their work with a two pronged view. On the one hand we will examine the immanent evolution of their work while on the other hand we will try to understand how they react to the changes provided by the new technological mechanisms and the changes in the society of recent years.
We will complete the course with lectures on Steve Holl, David Chipperfield, Zaha Hadid and SAANA acknowledging their influential presence on the architectural scene after the 90s.
The two final lectures will examine the works of emerging architectural practices as a way of focusing on the present state of the art.

Irregular schedule. Class Meeting Dates:
1/31, 2/1 2/2, 2/28, 2/29, 3/1, 3/27 3/28, 3/29, 4/24, 4/25

Class Meeting Dates: 1/31, 2/1 2/2, 2/28, 2/29, 3/1, 3/27 3/28, 3/29, 4/24, 4/25

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