GSD Course Bulletin - Spring 2012

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Courses taught by John Nastasi

06427: Advanced Fabrication (SCI 0642700)

Seminar - 4 credits - Limited enrollment
Wednesday 11:30 - 2:00   Gund 505

John Nastasi, Rachel Vroman

Course Description

Digital fabrication techniques have long been a critical component of the GSD culture. Building on methods and capabilities developed in 6317: Introduction to CAD/CAM and 06429: Material Processes and Systems: Ceramic LAB this course will focus on the immersion and seamless integration of digital modeling and comprehensive digital fabrication methodologies into both the design process and contemporary practice. 
Offered as a limited enrollment lecture/workshop, the course will explore the critical inter-relationships between geometry creation, material analysis, tooling development and fabrication processes within a singular design sequence. Sequential assignments will work towards a comprehensive resolution of a full size architectural component. 
The use of parametric modeling will be utilized for the development of robust iterative design output. A critical focus on sustainable high-performance composite materials and assembly methods will be explored, demonstrated and integrated into student work. Appropriateness of both digital and analogue expressions of craft and finish will be evaluated in the ultimate assembly of a component system. 
Technologies and methods are introduced through hands-on labs, workshops and demonstrations. Field trips to composite manufacturers provide a real-world exposure to the integration of CAD/CAM technologies within design practice and related fields. Working in groups, sequential assignments will include the progression from scaled models to digital mockups and ultimately to refined prototypes. Students will make extensive use of the GSD's digital fabrication lab, CNC-devices and industrial robots.


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