GSD Course Bulletin - Fall 2012

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Courses taught by Peter Park

01121: First Semester Core Urban Planning Studio (STU 0112100)

Urban Planning and Design
Core Studio - 8 credits
Tuesday Thursday 2:00 - 6:00  

Judith Grant Long, Peter Park, Kathy Spiegelman

Course Description

The first semester core studio of the Master of Urban Planning program introduces students to the fundamental knowledge and technical skills used by urban planners to create, research, analyze, and implement plans and projects for the built environment. The studio operates in conjunction with GSD 2129: GIS and Visual Representation, which introduces students to spatial analysis and representation techniques to communicate planning analysis and ideas. The studio will use the City of Boston as the students' planning laboratory and students will be expected to understand the city through the lenses of planning elements such as demographics, economic attributes, market forces, and public and private stakeholder interests, all of which shape the city and inform decisions about land use, development, and infrastructure. The studio is organized into four parts, each representing a fundamental stage of the urban planning process.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in the Urban Planning program.

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