GSD Course Bulletin - Spring 2013

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Courses taught by Deidre Schmidt

05337: Housing and Urbanization in Global Cities (SES 0533700)

Urban Planning and Design
Lecture - 4 credits
Monday Wednesday 1:30 - 3:00   Gund 518

Alexander von Hoffman, Deidre Schmidt

Course Description

This course analyzes housing policy and planning in developing urban societies around the world but especially in the Global South. Through slide presentations, lectures, presentations by distinguished guests, texts, and class discussions, we will examine the significance of shelter and its production in urban contexts ranging from informal settlements to booming neighborhoods.

To understand the effects of different national and cultural environments, we will study the ways private developers, planners, designers, non-government organization officers, and government officials work within local systems of land use, law, and finance to produce homes for people. We will investigate issues related to slums, such as irregular land tenure; housing microfinance; upgrading and redevelopment schemes; the capacity of municipal governance and planning; and the role of bi-lateral and multilateral organizations. In addition, we will analyze the way that the production of residences shapes the spatial forms of global cities. After exploring urban development and residential practices and policies around the world, the class will delve into particular housing and planning issues in four global cities: Mumbai, India; Bogotá, Colombia; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Beijing, China.

This course will prepare students for international planning and design studios, housing studios, and courses on housing or social policy in general, as well as be of interest to designers and planners interested in social engagement and the diverse methods of producing low-income housing in global cities.

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09201: Independent Study by Candidates for Masters Degrees (ADV 0920100)

Independent Study - 4 credits

Martin Bechthold, Jana Cephas, Mark Mulligan, Robert Pietrusko, Leire Asensio Villoria, Pierre Bélanger, Silvia Benedito, Eve Blau, Neil Brenner, Joan Busquets, Felipe Correa, Diane Davis, Peter Del Tredici, Jill Desimini, Sonja Duempelmann, Ann Forsyth, Chuck Hoberman, Michael Hooper, Eric Howeler, Christopher Hoxie, Florian Idenburg, Niall Kirkwood, Joyce Klein-Rosenthal, Remment Koolhaas, Mark Laird, Christopher Lee, Jonathan Levi, Rahul Mehrotra, Kiel Moe, Ciro Najle, Erkin Ozay, Richard Peiser, Peter Rowe, A. Hashim Sarkis, Deidre Schmidt, Jorge Silvetti, James Stockard, Bing Wang, Jay Wickersham, Krzysztof Wodiczko, K. Michael Hays, Rachel Vroman

Course Description

Students may take a maximum of 8 credit units with different instructors in this course series.Prerequisites: Graduate standing. Candidates may arrange individual work focusing on subjects or issues that are of interest to them but are not available through regularly offered course work. Students must submit an independent study petition and secure approval of the faculty member sponsoring the study.

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